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After much anticipation, on Saturday 12 November 2022, we witnessed our nursery reared corals at Fitzroy Island releasing millions of egg-and-sperm bundles for the first time, playing their natural role in this extraordinary reproductive event.

It marked a threshold moment for us having completed the transformation of a coral fragment to a reproductively viable colony regenerating the reef as nature intended. Nature will always produce far more corals than we will ever plant, so we facilitate it.
Along the way, we produce structurally complex habitat to build resilience and to create a place of shelter and food for reef creatures to build the functional health of the reef.

This is an important moment to celebrate but our challenge is to accelerate the journey from nursery fragment to spawning colony. We have come a long way since our early days and the capacity in our operation is far in advance of where it was when our recent spawners were planted to the reef. It all bodes well for the future.

Come on, get on board and help us to build a brighter future for the Great Barrier Reef.

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